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This blog needs to come back. I'd love to see what Nutmeg is up to nowadays.

Haha wellllll I do want to bring her back too

But with my new job, things are a little hectic lol

HOWEVER, if people asked her questionsssss I might be inclined to answer them >v>

Heeellllooo what happens?

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Super Emergency Commissions


Hello hello, it’s that damn time again where I have to open up commissions because me and Danny are struggling. Horribly.

So here’s the low-down: I recently discovered at the doctors that I have a cyst on my right ovary. Now the doctor had told me it was probably nothing to worry about but I should come in for a second ultra sound just to make sure. But the problem is I can’t. It’s way too expensive. Now here’s my problem. I got blood work done, pap smear, physical, ultrasound and a second blood work. All in all, my insurance wouldn’t cover even half of all that so I have medical bills totaling to about $1500.

And that’s my commission goal. $1500. Now while I have been getting more hours at work, a week was wasted since we had to take an emergency trip to Ohio for a funeral. So I haven’t actually been seeing the extra money yet. But even my extra hours won’t help.

So this is hopefully where some of you come in. Commissions are now open. All prices are now based on the time it takes me to finish them.

Full color Chibi - $10


Sketches - $8


Ink - $15


Flat Color - $20


Full Color w/ Shading and simple back ground - $30



COMMISSION STREAM - $15 per hour.

The commissioner pays me $15, I draw whatever they want for one full hour. It can either be a bunch of sketches, a few inks or a full color picture. If the commissioner wants, they can rent my stream for as many hours as they like.

SO PLEASE. If you can’t help out, spread the word. I need as much help as I can get, we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Even my boyfriend has taken up freelance projects just to try to make our goal.

So please help if you can

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

I’ll have 3 slots open at a time but will continue to take commissions until our goal is met.

0/1500 goal.

Is this blog dead? *pokes*

Ahaha no not quite. Mod’s real life has kind of bit her in the butt and she’s trying to get everything taken care of. It’ll be back up soon!

"I’m glad you’re okay…"

"I’m glad you’re okay…"

I just wanted to say I LOVE how you draw Rowan! His neck fluff got all puffy when he was mad I like how you kept his body how a fox/dog/cat thing would be the chest a bit bigger then I like how it dose look like it slopes down some then his belly >W< Just wanted to tell you how much I like him and to keep up the wonderful art >w< -rolls away-

((wowowowowow thank you very much ;w; I would like to draw more of him, he’s a real cutie))

get your own blog or somethin

get your own blog or somethin

May I still talk to Rowan?

((by all means, go ahead))

Need me to talk to him…?

(( It’ll be fine ;3 ))